Jewish-Christian relations since the inception of the Council of Christians and Jews

Almost forty years have elapsed since the first formal meeting of the Council of Christians and Jews was held on 20 March 1942 under the chairmanship of William Temple. At the outset of the proceedings he was congratulated by the Chief Rabbi Dr J. H. Hertz on having been ‘nominated by His Majesty to be Primate of All England/ There were four Joint-Presidents: the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the Moderator of the Free Church Federal Council and the Chief Rabbi. There was a message from the Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Hinsley, to explain that ‘although he did not feel at this stage that he could accept an invitation to become one of the Joint-Presidents, should such an invitation be extended to him he was most anxious to do anything he could to cooperate in the checking of anti-Semitism and racial

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