Jew Brokers of the City of London

The gradual resettlement of the Jews in England during the Protectorate of Cromwell, the defeat of the various attempts to dislodge them and the eventual admission of Solomon Dormido to the Royal Exchange, to be followed by other Jews in the period 1671-1697, have been graphically recorded by Mr. Lucien Wolf.1 An intensive study of the Guildhall Repertories which contain the summaries of the proceedings of the Court of Aldermen from 1657-1708 has moved the present writer to set down certain additional information about Jew brokers. Thanks to the kindness of Mr. P. E. Jones, Assistant Keeper of the City of London Records at Guildhall, he has also had access to a book2 containing the names of all the Jew brokers who acted from 1708-1801. These names are set out in the form of an appendix to this Paper, and will be the subject of further investigation.

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