Jenkinson and Schechter at Cambridge: an expanded and updated assessment*

Most presidents of the Jewish Historical Society of England, when researching the sources for the learned paper with which they open the proceedings in their year of office, must soon become aware that many of the major figures in Anglo-Jewish history in the course of the last hundred years are also those who have directed the affairs of the Society. For this writer the realization was not novel, but it did make him more conscious of the honour done to him by his fellow members.((By way of example, the Anglo-Jewish intel? lectual establishment that produced the Authorised Daily Prayer Book edited by Simeon Singer (London 1890) was the one that founded the Jewish Historical Society three years later and the same group that interacted with Solomon Schechter, as will shortly become apparent. See the writer’s article ‘A Singer with a New Song’, LEyla XXXII (1991)36-9.)) It is to be hoped

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