Jacob Waley (1818-1873)

IN the eleventh Lucien Wolf Memorial Lecture delivered on the 17th April, 1947, Dr. Arthur L. Goodhart, k.b.e., q.c., now Master of University College, Oxford, then Corpus Professor of Jurisprudence in the University, took for his subject “Jewish Contributions to Anglo-American Law”, which was subsequently expanded to a mono? graph under the title “Five Jewish Lawyers of the Common Law.”

The term Common Law in this behalf was used by the Lecturer in its widest sense so as to include the basic principles of the legal systems of England, the British Dominions and Colonies, and the United States of America, so far as they have adopted the principles of the Common Law of England as the foundation of their law. It does not comprise Scotland, a very few of the British territories overseas, and a small portion of the United States. That it was used in this sense is proved

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