Israel Zangwill

SIR Arthur Quiller Couch relates that Thackeray once rebuked a young man who spoke disrespectfully of Scott in his presence. “You and I, sir”, he cut him short, “should lift our hats at the mention of that great name.” I am no Thackeray but I would apply that rebuke to those who think it adds to their own stature to dismiss Zangwill. Mr. Henry Hurwitz, the Editor of the New York Menorah Journal recently took up the cudgels for Zangwill after a New York broadcast in connection with the 25th anniversary of his death. It was “so inadequate, so condescending a discussion of his spirit and works”, he complained, “so bent upon belittling Zangwill.” “It is a pity”, he wrote, “that your large body of listeners throughout the country should not have been given a fairer notion of an outstanding Jewish figure of modern times.” I find it interesting that

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