Israel Zangwill, 1864-1926.

Address delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Jewish Historical Society of England, October 26, 1926.

In the ordinary course of things it would, I suppose, be my duty at this stage of our proceedings to move a vote of thanks to our retiring President. Instead of that I have been assigned the mournful task of formulating on your behalf a tribute to his memory. Israel Zangwill’s death is a loss which profoundly affects the whole Jewish community, and which is mourned in wider fields of thought and action beyond, but to us of the Jewish Historical Society it has a peculiar note of sadness. He was for the time our Chief. We had formed high hopes of his closer association with us, and although they had been disap? pointed by his illness, we did not abandon them. Now they have to be set aside for ever, and the blow

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