Israel Finestein, historian of Anglo-Jewry

Israel Finestein, QC, MA, Shmuel to his friends, carried on two successful important careers: one as a barrister and a judge and the other as a historian. Busy, as his legal career demanded, he yet found the time to publish an impressive series of studies in Anglo-Jewish history. They appeared in the Jewish Chronicle, in various festschriften and conference papers, and mainly in the Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England (now Jewish Historical Studies), and were conveniently gathered by Shmuel during his later years, between 1993 and 2008, in four volumes under the imprint of Vallentine Mitchell: Jewish Society in Victorian England(1993), Anglo-Jewry in Changing Times: Studies in Diversity 1840?igi4 (1999), Scenes and Personalities in Anglo-Jewry 1800-2000 (2002) and Studies and Profiles in Anglo-Jewish History: From Picciotto to Bermant (2008). (Titles when cited here are abbreviated.) I begin this evaluation of Israel Finestein as a histo? rian by

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