Isaac Leonini Azulay

“In Memory of Signor Yitzhak Leonini Azulay, M.A. 22 years Professor Regius to the Institute of Noble Cadets in Berlin, Tutor to H.R.H. Princess Royal of Prussia Member of several Learned Societies, etc., etc. Born at Leghorn, 2nd day of Succoth Died 16th day of Tamus, 17th July, 1840 and his last words were Also Bella, Relict of the above Died 9th day of Ab 5628, 28th July, 1868.”

[The substance of this paper was read to the Society on 13th March 1957, in a preliminary form. It originated entirely in the reminiscences which the distinguished music teacher, Miss Gertrude Azulay, now in her eighties, had gathered together concerning her great-grandfather, the subject of the paper. These reminiscences reposed almost wholly on family oral tradition, and it seemed most regrettable that they might be lost. But it was obvious that, before they were published, more research should be undertaken along

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