To Isaac Abendana belongs the credit of making the earliest extant Latin translation of the whole of the Mishnah. This feat he accom? plished at Cambridge between the years 1663 and 1675. The Strass burg theologian, Balthasar Scheidt (1614-1670), seems to have planned a similar work, but we have no certain knowledge that he completed it. (See the information on the subject in E. BischofFs Kritische Geschiehte der Talmud-Uebersetzungen, Frankfort, 1899, p. 16.) The first com? plete translation of the Mishnah in any language was the Spanish version by Isaac’s brother Jacob, a version compiled before the brothers came to England. When Surenhusius prepared his Latin edition of the Mishnah (Amsterdam, 1698-1703) he made use of Jacob Abendana’s work, though it still remained in manuscript. It was the fate of both brothers to be denied the boon of publication for their renderings.

During the second half of the seventeenth century,

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