In Memoriam: Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann, 1930—2002

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Ruth Pauline Lehmann, born in Altona (near Hamburg) in 1930, emigrated to England in 1939, was appointed Assistant Librarian at Jews' College in 1948 and in 1954 became its first Chartered Librarian and Acting Librarian. She was promoted to Chief Librarian in 1955, received a Special Diploma in Hebrew Palaeography and Epigraphy at SOAS in 1956 and in 1964 was elected a Fellow of the Library Association. In 1973, after twenty five years at the College, during which time, according to Ezra Kahn, the present Librarian, she 'put the Library on a proper footing and introduced scientific methods of librarianship', she moved to Jerusalem on her mar? riage to Josef Goldschmidt, a Member of Knesset, and thereafter published under her married name Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann. She is remem? bered for exemplifying her own definition of her profession (in an article on 'Librarianship', no. A24): 'Librarianship is the art of knowing where infor? mation may be found and the practice of making it available, in one form or another, for the use of those who need it'. She was active in numerous com? munal and professional organizations, besides this Society.

Three of her six bibliographical works cover Anglo-Jewry in general (see A13, A26, and A38), one is on Montefioreana (Bn), another on Anglo Jewish medical biography (A36) and a last on Britain and the Holy Land (A39). Her Anglo-Jewish trilogy and the book on Britain and the Holy Land were published by the Society, the first of them 'in response to a request by the Jewish Historical Society to bring up to date Dr Cecil Roth's Magna Bibliothec a Anglo-Judaic a published in 1937'.

Bibliography of the published works of Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann

A: Works in English


1) Jews' College, London. Centenary celebration, 1855-1955. Catalogue of an exhibition of books by members of the academic staff and alumni at the Jews' College Library, November 20-4 [1955]. London: Jews' College, 1955, 15 pp.


2) Publishing in modern Israel. London: Torah Va'Avodah Organisation, 1957. In Hadoar, no. 135, pp. 15-18.

3) Moving 60,000 books. London 1957. In The Jewish Chronicle, Friday 18 October, no. 4617, p. 10.


4) The new library of Jews' College. London: The Library Association, 1958. In The Library Association Record, vol. LX, no. 5, pp. 155-7, ills.

5) Jewish books in English published outside the U.S.A., 1957-1958. New York: Jewish Book Council of America, 1958. In Jewish Book Annual, vol. XVI, pp. 181-90.

6) Hebrew texts. London: Soncino Press, 1958. In Isidore Epstein. Step by Step in the Jewish Religion, pp. 137-43. 'Hebrew Texts', the last part of'Step by Step in the Jewish Religion', was anonymously compiled by Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann, according to her notes.


7) Jews' College Library. London: Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries, March 1959. In Bulletin of the Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries, no. 8, pp. 7-10. Duplicated.

8) Anglo-Jewish Books, 1958-1959. New York: Jewish Book Council

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