In Memoriam: Robert Nunes Carvalho (1907—1996)

We regret to report the deaths of the following Vice-Presidents since the publica- tion of our last volume: The Very Reverend Haham Dr Solomon Gaon, Rabbi Dr Hugo Gryn, Robert Nunes Carvalho, Walter Schwab and Mrs Dorothy Stone and of AlexJacob, who was a Council Member.

Haham Dr Solomon Gaon and Rabbi Dr Hugo Gryn were important com- munal leaders, whose lives have been described in the obituaries in the Jemish Chronicle and the national press. AlexJacob wrote articles on The]ems of Falmouth and especially on his mother’s family for Transaaions. Walter Schwab served for some years as our Editor of Publications and after retiring from that office con- tinued to index volumes of]emish Historical Studies, including the important index to Transactions I-XXV. Robert Nunes Carvalho served as President in 1971 -3. The present volume is dedicated to the memory of Dorothy Stone, who succeeded her late husband Hyman Stone

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