In Memoriam: Robert Nunes Carvalho (1907—1996)

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We regret to report the deaths of the following Vice-Presidents since the publica- tion of our last volume: The Very Reverend Haham Dr Solomon Gaon, Rabbi Dr Hugo Gryn, Robert Nunes Carvalho, Walter Schwab and Mrs Dorothy Stone and of AlexJacob, who was a Council Member.

Haham Dr Solomon Gaon and Rabbi Dr Hugo Gryn were important com- munal leaders, whose lives have been described in the obituaries in the Jemish Chronicle and the national press. AlexJacob wrote articles on The]ems of Falmouth and especially on his mother's family for Transaaions. Walter Schwab served for some years as our Editor of Publications and after retiring from that office con- tinued to index volumes of]emish Historical Studies, including the important index to Transactions I-XXV. Robert Nunes Carvalho served as President in 1971 -3. The present volume is dedicated to the memory of Dorothy Stone, who succeeded her late husband Hyman Stone as Honorary Treasurer, served as President and was a benefactor of our Society.

Jeremy Scho~eld

In Memoriam

Robert Nunes Carvalho (I907-I996)

Robert Nunes Carvalho was born in London and educated at University College School and Oriel College, Oxford. After graduating, he qualified as a solicitor and joined his father, Samuel Nunes Carvalho, in the family practice which he eventually inherited. In his youth he was badly injured in an accident, which disabled him and caused him much pain. His main interests were his legal practice and Jewish communal work, in which he was a close collaborator with his friends Alan Mocatta and Richard Barnett. His first concern was the Spanish and Portu- guese Jews' Congregation, which benefited greatly from his wisdom, imagination and conscientious labours. He served as chairman of its educational foundation, the Sade of Heshaim (Etz Haim) from 1948 to 1967 and as a parnas, gabbai of the Congregation and, in 1982-4, as President of the Elders. In the wider com- munity he was most active in the Anglo-Jewish Association, of which he was President in 1971 -2 and in the Jewish Memorial Council.

I remember him as a warm, charming and considerate man, whose advice was wise and readily given when sought. After my father's death, he accepted my brother, Andrew, as an articled clerk, gave him a first-rate professional training and took him into partnership. I know, from him, that Robert was an exceptionally fine teacher and colleague and a model of high ethical standards and diplomatic skill.

He wrote a charming essay in Threc Hundred Years, published in 1957 in connection with the tercentenary celebrations, entitled _On being the "Oldest Inhabitant" ', in which he pointed out that seven generations had passed since his ancestor Isaac Nunes Carvalho settled in England. He then went on to argue that _Carvajal', the surname of the first founder of our Community, was just a Spanish translation of _Carvalho'. This misled some readers to suppose that Robert was a relative of Antonio Femandes Carvajal, which was not so, and went beyond Robert's claim. We now know that Carvajal's Portuguese

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