In Memoriam: Raphael James Loewe 1919-2011

In many ways, Raphael Loewe was, for much of his life, a microcosm of Anglo-Jewish intellectual history and values, as far as they evolved in the nineteenth century and at least the first half of the twentieth. His younger years were characterized by descent from a renowned family, a classical edu- cation at a well-known public school and a rigid training in prose and poetic composition and translation. Early adulthood saw close connections with the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, as well as active service in the British army in Africa and Italy. His religious approach constituted an attachment to a moderate form of traditional Judaism that did not rule out an active sym- pathy for other interpretations of the faith. He always had a suspicion of any coldly professional approach to study and education and often displayed an enthusiasm for a more personal commitment to learning, almost as a

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