In Memoriam Rabbi David Goldstein MA, PhD (1933-87)

David Goldstein, Rabbi in the Union of Liberal and Progressive Synagogues, Deputy Keeper and Curator of Hebrew Manuscripts and Printed Books at the British Library, and past President of the Jewish Historical Society of England, died on 26 July 1987, in his fifty-fifth year.

It is fitting that this learned society, over which he presided with distinction and for which he laboured with devotion, should commence its programme for the year 1987-8 with a tribute to his memory in the form of a brief appreciation of his scholarly achievements, and an expression not only of the intense sadness experienced by the society at its loss but also of its real sense of gratitude that Jewish scholarship in this country was, even for the relatively short period of some two decades, enriched by the results of his energy and productivity.

Although David Goldstein applied his Jewish knowledge and his mastery of

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