In Memoriam: Elie Kedourie (1926-1992)

Elie Kedourie’s passing deprives the world of one of its most distinguished histor? ians, the Society of a treasured associate, the Sephardi community of a prominent member, his family of a devoted husband and parent, and us of a cherished friend and brilliant colleague. In private a sensitive and deeply caring man, Elie eschewed sentimentality in historical and political analysis. In twenty books and countless articles, he maintained the highest standards of scholarship, pursuing the truth as the evidence revealed it. He rejected the imaginative maunderings of Philby, Bell, Lawrence and Toynbee, and insisted that we understand the Middle East for what it was, not for what we wished it to be. He maintained that position at what could have been considerable personal cost. When he was working on a doctoral thesis at Oxford under the supervision of Sir Hamilton Gibb, one of the leading Arabists of his generation, Gibb

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