I. A., 1858-1925.

It is a sad privilege to be allowed to write a short ” necrology ” of my dear friend and exact contemporary, Israel Abrahams. The privilege has doubtless been extended to me just because I was a near friend for so long a time. Otherwise, for the Jewish Historical Society the notice of Abrahams should have been allotted to some one who knew Abrahams’ work for the Society from within, and who had been his colleague. This inner knowledge I do not possess, but my deficiencies in this respect can be filled up by drawing upon Mr. Lucien Wolf’s unpublished address of December 21, 1925, which, in due course, I shall proceed to do. There are other sides of Abrahams’ life (and many more sides still of his knowledge !) which were closed books to me. But I have this comfort. There must be few, if any, who could adequately

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