Henry Straus Quixano Henriques, K.C, 1866-1925.

Henry Henriques, who passed away a month after Israel Abrahams, was, like him, of mixed Sephardi and Ashkenazi descent. His father, Edward Micholls Henriques, J.P., of Manchester, came of a West Indian family which held plantation property in Westmoreland County, Jamaica, in 1754, and was probably settled in England nearly a century earlier. His mother, Bose Straus, a sister of Mr. B. S. Straus, J.P., was a direct descendant of the Straus family of Frankfurt, whose pedigree has been traced as far back as 1530. He was born in Man? chester on November 8, 1866, and he died within four days of his fifty-ninth birthday

Henriques was our fifteenth President. But for the accident that he was a relatively late recruit of our Society he would assuredly have filled that position at a much earlier date. When he determined to join us, however, he was no stranger to our Transactions,

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