Gustave Tuck (1857-1942)1

The writer of the Book of Ecclesiasticus tells us there is a time to praise famous men. He enumerates twelve various categories of such men who were honoured in their generation. Their name shall live and their memory shall endure. In conformity with this belief we do well to honour the memory of Gustave Tuck in the assembly of the Jewish Historical Society of England, which owes so much to his labours and enthusiasm. For he takes his place in the distin? guished roll of men who by their counsel and wise understanding enriched their generation. His Jewish allegiance gave the impetus to all the manifold activities which he crowded into his busy life. From this inspiration there flowed right through the community that ever-increasing river of usefulness which refreshed so many places in our religious, educational, charitable and social life.

His life story is typical of many. Born and

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