Grace Aguilar : A Centenary Tribute

It is indeed fitting that the centenary of Grace Aguilar’s death should at the same time commemorate Lady Magnus. The lives of these two Anglo-Jewish writers overlap, Lady Magnus being but a child of three when Grace Aguilar died. If one regards their periods of activity historically, it is possible to see their work almost as a continuity both in time and tendency. Taken as a whole, the work of Grace Aguilar, Lady Magnus, and others of the last century certainly had a bearing on the period following political emancipation, if only because of the great non-Jewish reading public which voraciously devoured their writings, particularly so in the case of Grace Aguilar. But this is a subject which might with advantage be left to a separate paper.

Grace Aguilar’s achievement is marked principally by the phenomenal popu? larity of her productions, the immense circulation and the amazing volume of literary

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