Gerry Black’s Jewish CV

My father was born in 1901 (he died in 1938) and my mother in 1903 (she died in 1993), and both were born in England of Russian parentage. When they married in 1926 they moved to Montreal in Canada. One of my mother’s sisters was already there. I was born in Canada in 1928 but after a short, illegal, stay in New York, my parents returned to London in 1930 because my mother was homesick, and I have lived in London ever since. We went to live in Strahan Road in Bow, having a flat in the upper part of the house, at a rental of 28 shillings a week. There was an outside loo in the yard and we had no bathroom but went to Roman Road Baths once a week. My late sister was born in 1930 and my late brother in 1937.

Apart from our landlord who

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