George Eliot: Her Jewish Associations—A Centenary Tribute

From antiquity Jews have figured in the writings of the peoples among whom they have lived?and, as we know to our cost, references in the main have been of a nature which we Jews have found objectionable. In regard to English literature we have only to remember Chaucer, Shakespeare, Marlowe, and Dickens, to name but these great writers, to appreciate all the more those writers who have treated Jews and the Jewish theme with understanding in an effort to undo the harm and hate of ages. The foremost among these has been George Eliot, whose great work Daniel Der onda was published just one hundred years ago.

At the time of its publication George Eliot was one of the foremost English novelists of the day?and this, her last novel, caused immediate controversy. It came as a shock to most of her readers that she should have abandoned the English provincial

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