Further on the Curiel family in 16th-century Portugal

M. Szabolcs de Vajay has kindly pointed out to me that the descent of the Curie} family, set out in my article on _The Curiel family in x6th-century Portugal’ (Trans ]HSE, XXXI [1991] x x6), is incorrect, by reason of a mistake by Don Lufs de Salazar y Castro in his Hist6na_ Genea/ogica de la Casa de Lara (Madrid x697).

The error arose because DoBa Eva, the second wife and widow of Garcia Ordofiez, Count of Najera and Grafion, remarried the Count of Lara, but her eldest son, Garcia Garcez, was the son of her first and not her second husband.

The Daza, Saldafia and Curie} families are therefore not descended in the male line from the Counts of Castile and Lara but from the Kings of Lon. The corrected genealogy is to be found in Detlev Schwennicke’s Europaische Stamm- tafeln (Marburg 1984) Tables 49 and 5o.

The corrected genealogy

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