From Poland to Paddington: the early history of the Spielmann family, 1828-1948*

May I say how delighted I am to give the Magnus Lecture, which was founded by my paternal grandfather Sir Philip Magnus in memory of his wife Katie, an author best known for her book Outlines of Jewish History. I have called my talk ‘From Poland to Paddington’. It is the story of my maternal great-grandfather Adam Spielmann((The second N of Spielmann was dropped by Sir Meyer Spielman and his family and by Sir Isidore’s son Ferdinand in 1917. Sir Isidore Spielmann and Marion Spielmann and their families kept to the original spelling)) (1812-69) and his three sons: my grandfather Sir Isidore Spielmann, who was President of the Jewish Historical Society from 1902 to 1904, Sir Meyer Spielmann, and untitied, but perhaps the ablest of the three, the youngest son, Marion.

I must warn you that the family’s first names are muddlingly repetitive: spread over two generations are two Isidores,

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