Francis Francia-the Jacobite Jew.

                     Paper read before the Jewish Historical Society of England,

                   April 27, 1925

One hour before midnight on January 22, 1717, twelve good men and true made their way into the jury box at the Sessions House of the Old Bailey and declared Francis Francia not guilty of a treasonable attempt to subvert the government of the Kingdom by supporting the claims of the so-called James III., more commonly known as the Old Pretender. Nearly a century and a quarter before, the only other Jew in English history to be charged with treason, Dr. Roderigo Lopez, Queen Elizabeth’s physician, had met with a less fortunate fate. The verdict in the Francia case, according to a contemporary unofficial report, came ” to the great surprise of the generality present at this remarkable trial.” 1

In this report Francia was described as being ” of Jewish extraction, descended from the tribe that hold

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