The last volume of Miscellanies was published in 1948 and dedicated to the memory of Elkan Adler, a great scholar and indefatigable worker in the field of Anglo-Jewish history. It is fitting that this present volume should be dedicated to the memory of Wilfred Samuel who equally and with unflagging zeal trod the paths of Anglo-Jewish historical research. He would have been very satisfied to have had his name identified with this volume since it was his inspiration and guiding hand that caused much of the present material to be extracted and prepared. It is also specially appropriate because these studies form unassuming yet invaluable aids to scholarship, so characteristic of Wilfred Samuel’s own attitude to research.

The material in this volume comprises lists extracted from various manu? script sources and none of it has been readily available to scholars until now. Other important lists need transcribing, extracting and publication;

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