The following entries have been derived, by Miss Ada Corcos, B.A., from the “Calendar of the Close Rolls, Edward I., 1279-1288,” with the permission of the Controller of His Majesty’s Stationery Office.

Nov. 26, 1279 Windsor.

To the justices appointed for the custody of the Jews. Whereas Robert de Foleham and his fellows, during the time when they were the late king’s justices for the custody of the Jews, granted, by the late king’s licence, to Aaron son of Vyves, a Jew of London, a debt of 961., under the name of Hugh de Sancto Vasto, that belonged to Jacob son of Leo, a Jew, de? ceased, and another debt of 461., under the name of Master Thomas de Quappelade, that belonged to Abraham son of Muriel, a Jew, deceased, on condition that Aaron should pay 40s. to the exchequer yearly until the money should be paid to the said

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