Ephraim Luzzatto (1729—1792)

By Mrs. R. N. Salaman.

Italy has produced many distinguished Jewish scholars. Not baffled by periods of severe persecution, lasting until the fall of the Papal States in 1859 and persisting, to some extent, in Rome until the end of the Pope’s dominion in 1870, Jewish philosophers, Rabbis, poets, and physicians, meet us through every period of Italian history.

Thus Jewish literary activity in Italy much resembles that of Spain; but whereas, in Spain, Arabic models were employed by the poets, in Italy we perceive some indications of the influence of the Renaissance. With Azariah dei Rossi (1513-1578) begins the new science, with Moses Haim Luzzatto (1707) the new Hebrew drama. They were not actually the first in these fields, but they were the earliest of importance. The two tendencies we shall find united in Ephraim Luzzatto, who was at once a man of science and a poet ?following not

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