English Students of Maimonides

This essay includes a generous sprinkling of quotations. These extracts are mainly from inedited manuscripts, not readily accessible, and some of them are English renderings, for the first time, from the Latin originals.1

Thomas Allen

In the Bodleian Library there is a mediaeval Latin translation of the ” Guide for the Perplexed.” It is a manuscript, on parchment, written in the fourteenth century, with illuminated capitals. The manuscript has some marginal and other notes.

The manuscript originally belonged to Thomas Allen. Thomas Allen (i542-1632), of Gloucester Hall, Oxford, was the famous mathematician, antiquarian and philosopher. He spread his mind over a variety of themes, and included the study of Maimonides within the range of his interests. This Maimonides manuscript was a gift to the Bodleian from Allen during his lifetime.

The colophon states: ” Raby Moyses here finishes ‘ The Guide for the Perplexed,’ ” a Latin translation of the

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