English contemporary opinions on the Sabbatean movement

While working on seventeenth-century colonial history I came across an unpublished letter from Henry Muddiman originating from Whitehall.((Public Record Office, State Papers, Dom? estic 29/151, folios 23-5 (CP 3671). It is from Henry Muddiman, an intelligence gatherer em? ployed by Joseph Williamson, at that time Secretary to Sir Henry Bennet (later Earl Arlington), Secretary of State. Williamson was also ‘Keeper of State Papers’, as well as Latin Secretary to the king. )) It strangely resembles a somewhat later missive written by Henry Oldenburg, Secretary of the Royal Society, to Joseph Williamson.((Oldenburg’s letter to Williamson is dated 10 November 1666. Cf. PRO, State Papers 29/136. The letter is mentioned by the late Professor G. Scholem in his Sabbetai Sebi The Mystical Messiah (1626-1676) (Princeton 1973) 544? note !95? in connection with his letter to Spinoza (see n. 8 below). The letter is only signed with initials, but the handwriting can easily

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