Emanuel Deutsch of “The Talmud” Fame

It is given to few to change ingrained beliefs and by so doing reverse attitudes to what has been vilified and traduced for hundreds of years. It is of few men in the Anglo-Jewish community that it can be said that they altered by their writing the position of Judaism in the English world of thought, so that what was before an embarrassment to be explained away apolo? getically became a proud admission. And it was a rare achievement to influence by intellectual contact and learning a great writer, and so implant in her the idea of the resurrection of Jewish Statehood twenty years before Herzlian Zionism. Emanuel Deutsch, the subject of my paper, achieved all these.


Emanuel Deutsch (his full name was Emanuel Oscar Menachem Deutsch) was born in Silesia on 28 October 1829 and came of strictly Orthodox parentage. His father was one of four brothers,

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