Elkan Nathan Adler: In Memoriam: An Address delivered before The Jewish Historical Society, on 14th November, 1946

The old admonition to praise famous men in the congregation of the people could never have been more welcome than it is this evening when you permit me to offer tribute, in the name of the Jewish Historical Society, to Elkan Adler. In the long and honoured roll of those who have shed lustre upon our Society the name and fame of Elkan Adler stand out amongst the greatest. He was one of the original members ; before the Society was called into being he was one of the pioneers in Anglo-Jewish Historical research ; he occupied the Presidential Chair, and till the day of his death he remained a member of the Council. And throughout the years of his long and busy life^ he pursued the path of the scholar, allowing his steps to carry him into many fields of learning, sowing the seeds and reaping the harvest, and

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Ephraim Levine

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