Eliakim ben Abraham (Jacob Hart) An Anglo-Jewish Scholar of the Eighteenth Century

Paper read before the Jewish Historical Society of England,

May 24, 1938.

The subject of this paper is a man who was probably unique in Anglo-Jewry of the eighteenth century. As a lay scholar I think he will be found to have been without peer in his day. Yet he has remained in such obscurity that not a single fact of his personal life had ever been recorded until Dr. Cecil Roth re-discovered him some six years ago in relation to the old Westminster Synagogue, then in Denmark Court in the Strand, and now known as the Western Synagogue.1

Who was Eliakim ben Abraham ? If you seek the answer to this question in any current book of reference you will find little else than a list of his writings with a short description of their contents.

The Jewish Encyclopaedia2 devotes to him some thirty lines, des? cribing him as

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