Early Anglo-Jewish Artists

It is not my intention in the course of this paper to embark on any ephemeral discussion on Jewish art, a subject upon which much has already been written, but I propose to confine my remarks to those Jewish artists who were working in this country prior to 1837, the year of Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne, and to place before you such facts about them, biographical and otherwise, as I have been able to assemble.

The term artist is a wide one, particularly when dealing with a period when little distinction existed between artists and crafts? men, and, for the purpose of this paper, I have included not only painters and engravers but medallists and seal-cutters, and, to a certain extent, architects, goldsmiths, silversmiths and glassworkers. Some of these crafts are closely allied and it is not unusual to find a person practising several at the same time

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