Dr Rodrigo Lopes’ last speech from the scaffold at Tyburn

The following is an extract from the English version of William Camden’s History of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth which describes the trial and execution of Dr Rodrigo Lopes in 1594:

The Spaniards, suspecting the fidelity of the English in a matter of so great Weight, used the help of Roderigo Lopez, a Jew by Religion, the Queen’s domestick Physician, and of Stephen Ferreira Gama and Emanuel Liosie, Portugueezes; (for many of that Nation crept into England in those days, as Retainers to the exiled Don Antonio:) who, being apprehended by means of Letters intercepted, were about the end of February arraigned at Guildhall in London, and charged from their own Confessions to have conspired to make away the Queen by Poison. Lopez, having been for a long time a man of noted Fidelity, was not so much as suspected, save that outlandish Physicians may by Bribes and Corruption be

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