Dr Richard Barnett-a recollection

On one of the late Dr Richard Barnett’s visits to our home in Letchworth, he mentioned his ancestor Rabbi Issachar Beer ben Rabbi Aryeh Leb of Krotoschin. It was this paternal ancestor who provided the patronymic Beer, or Barnett, which was to be adopted by his son, the Dayan of the Ashkenazi Beth Din of London, as his family name. Dr Barnett mentioned that Rabbi Issachar Beer was the author of the book entitled Ohel Issachar, which he had never seen. Great was his delight when I showed him a copy of that slender volume of sermons and homilies printed in Altona in 5586 (1826). I then declared my personal interest in his heritage. The preliminaries contain a number of laudatory approbations. The one the author deemed fit to print first was not the earliest in date, but was from Rabbi Akiba Eger, the Chief Rabbi of Posen, one of

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