Dr. Meyer Schomberg’s Attack on the Jews of London, 174

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This paper owes its origin to the initiative of my late father, Wilfred S. Samuel. He first obtained a photographic copy of the manuscript of Emunat Omen {see Plates 11-19) from the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York; he persuaded Mr. Harold Levy to make the excellent English translation of the manuscript which is printed in this volume {pp. 101-111)/ and he began, but was not able to finish, research into Dr. Meyer Schomberg's biography.

Before his death in December, 1958, my father had undertaken to read a paper to our Society with the title which I have taken over. He was never well enough to set about its composition, so the ensuing paper, though based partly on material collected by my father and on a subject which we discussed together, was written, with the help of many kind friends, by myself

It so happened that my father died on my thirtieth birthday, a day on which? according to the Mishna1?a man enters into his full strength. So if the reader finds any faults in this attempt of mine to conclude a study started by my father, they are entirely my own, if any merits, they are the fruit of his instruc

I would like to acknowledge the valuable help of Rabbi Dr. A. Altman, Mr. G. W. Busse, Mr. A. Schischa, Master A. S. Diamond, Mr. R. J. D'Arcy Hart, my brothers Andrew P. Samuel and Oliver W. Samuel, and of Mr. Harold Levy. It need hardly be said that without Mr. Levy's excellent translation this paper would not even have been started.

should like to thank the Librarian of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, New York, for permission to publish the text of Emunat Omen, the Registrar of the Royal College of Physicians for permission to publish extracts from the Annals of the Royal College, and the Secretary of the Royal Society for permission to publish a letter of Meyer Schomberg's in the Royal Society's Miscellaneous Manuscripts collection.?E. R. S.

THE subject of this paper is a Hebrew manuscript at present in the possession of the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. It is a short essay of thirty eight pages entitled Emunat Omen composed by Dr. Meyer Loew Sch?mberg and dated London, 1746.2

The manuscript was shown in the Jewish Historical Exhibition of 1887 by its then owner, the Chief Rabbi, Dr. Nathan Marcus Adler.3 It was inherited by his son, the late Elkan Adler, and was acquired by the Jewish Theological Seminary together with the rest of Elkan Adler's collection of Hebrew manuscripts.4 How the manuscript came into the possession of Dr. N. M. Adler and who had owned it previously is not known.

1 Pirke Aboth, V, 24.

2 The date on the title-page appears to be the Christian date, not the customary Jewish one.

8 Joseph Jacobs and Lucien Wolf, Catalogue of the Anglo-Jewish Historical Exhibition, London, 1888, item 783.

4 Catalogue of Hebrew Manuscripts in the Collection of Elkan Adler, Cambridge, 1921, p. 55, item 2245v, illustration 25b. Jewish Theological Seminary MS.,

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