Dr. Meyer Schomberg’s Attack on the Jews of London, 174

This paper owes its origin to the initiative of my late father, Wilfred S. Samuel. He first obtained a photographic copy of the manuscript of Emunat Omen {see Plates 11-19) from the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York; he persuaded Mr. Harold Levy to make the excellent English translation of the manuscript which is printed in this volume {pp. 101-111)/ and he began, but was not able to finish, research into Dr. Meyer Schomberg’s biography.

Before his death in December, 1958, my father had undertaken to read a paper to our Society with the title which I have taken over. He was never well enough to set about its composition, so the ensuing paper, though based partly on material collected by my father and on a subject which we discussed together, was written, with the help of many kind friends, by myself

It so happened that my father died on

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