Dr Joseph Hart Myers (1758-1823) and his family: public prominence and private losses

I first introduced Joseph Hart Myers to this audience in my Presidential lecture of 2005 1 noting him as the dedicatee of Haim Bolaffey’s “Hebrew Grammar” of 1820.2 He features in the bibliography of Anglo-Jewish medi- cine3 and his career, prominent in the annals of the Medical Society of London, has been noticed in a recent history of that Society,4 as I shall hope to enlarge upon below. Fifty years ago Myers was presented by A. Levy as a precursor of Scottish Jewry5 and Kenneth Collins more recently recorded him in some detail,6 with reference to his graduation in 1779 and notice of his attestation of some students at Aberdeen down to 1817.7 There is an entry for Myers and his father in the Palgrave Dictionary of Anglo-Jewish History 8 and indeed I began to broaden this account of Myers through a study of his daughter Maria Clarke, “The Lady

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