Dr. Abraham Benisch as Newspaper Editor

EDITORS do not usually receive such agreeable testimonials as did the Editor of the Nonconformist (Mr. Miall, m.p.) last week, when Mr. Kell handed him a cheque for ten thousand guineas in testimony of his services on behalf of Civil and Religious Liberty. The Jewish community of England take a different view from the Dissenters’ body, and favour their Editors with more? criticisms?than halfpence.

This heartfelt cry, wrung from the pen of an Editor of the Jewish Chronicle, Michael Henry, in the issue of 25 July 1873, may perhaps serve as an introduction to this sketch of the profes? sional work of Henry’s immediate predecessor and again, in a sort of leapfrogging operation, later successor in office, Dr. Abraham Benisch. I do not mean to imply that the life of a Jewish Chronicle editor is of necessity all kicks and no halfpence, but at least it gives me a platform

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