Decca Days? the career of Wilfred Sampson Samuel, 1886-1958*

This paper, written in the centenary year of my father’s birth, is concerned mainly with his career?an interesting one, made possible by the fact that Britain, of which he was a native and subject, is a liberal country in. which ‘careers are open to the talents’. The study concentrates on his achievements in two very different professions: as an industrialist and as a naval intelligence officer. As an industrialist he helped, as one of a team, to build up a small but new British manufacturing and exporting industry. As a naval staff officer he made a small contribution, again as one of a team, to the defeat of the German Navy in the Battle of the Atlantic and thus towards the defeat of Nazi Germany in the Second World War. It is the story of a junior leader?a centurion rather than a legate?but a man of talent and ingenuity whose

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