Daniel Mendoza

It is suggested that, though an apology is not necessary for the choice of the subject of this paper, an explanation would not be out of place. To the Muse of History nothing nowadays is common or unclean, and were the subject of Boxing in fact even more disreputable than the most fanatical of its opponents have claimed, a society purport? ing to deal with all phases of Anglo-Jewish history could still not deny it an audience. But if in truth Boxing can lay claim to an illus? trious succession of chroniclers from Homer and Virgil, through Hazlitt and Borrow, to Conan Doyle and Bernard Shaw, then it may take its place as of right as a fitting subject for treatment. If these facts can justify its antiquity and its respectability, then a galaxy of Jewish names?Dan Mendoza, Dutch Sam, Abe Belasco, to name but a few, and to omit

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