Contacts between Jews in Smyrna and the Levant Company of London in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries*

The Sephardi Jewish community in Smyrna was founded in the second half of the sixteenth century.((A Jewish community existed in Smyrna in the Hellenistic and Roman periods, but no evidence survives from the Byzantine period. Apparently, most of the Jews embraced Christ? ianity: W. M. Ramsay, The Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia and their Place in the Plan of the Apocalypse (London 1904) 271-3. A select bibliography on the Jews in Smyrna during the Ottoman period follows: A. Galante, Histoire des Juifs d’Anatolie, I, Les Juifs d’hmir (Smyrne) (Istanbul 1937); D. Yelin, ‘The Community of Izmir’, Hashiloah III (1898) 460-7; A. Frei mann, ‘The tombstones of the Rabbis of Izmir’, in Inyane Sabbetai Zevi (Berlin 1912) 139-50; S. Werses, ‘Rabbi Eliahu Hakohen of Izmir’, Yavneh II (1940) 156-73; S. Werses, ‘The Community Life of Izmir’ (a history of the Jews in Izmir during the 17th and 18th centuries)

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