Colonial Commerce

in a curious and rare pamphlet, of which I possess a copy, entitled, “A letter addressed to the Overseers of the Portugueze Jewish Synagogue in Bevis Marks, London, upon their extraordinary conduct in the dispute between Mr. Ximenes and Mr. Joshua Lara; with a full explanation of the affair.” (London, 1772.)

Lucien Wolf.

April 1915.

7 Colonial Commerce.

The Massachusetts Historical Society has recently issued as the ninth volume of the seventh series of its Collections, Part I. of the <? Commerce of Rhode Island.”

This contains 445 mercantile letters and documents from December 4, 1726, to December 25, 1774?in other words, wholly within the period of the existence of Rhode Island as a British dependency. More than one-half of the items in the volume relate to Aaron Lopez, the Jewish merchant-prince of colonial Newport. He had commercial interests, as is proved by these letters, in England, Ireland, Jamaica, Barbados,

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