Colonel Patterson, soldier and Zionist

Lieutenant-Colonel John Henry Patterson DSO played a not insignificant role in modern Jewish history, but is a figure whom history has posed by. His contribution to Jewish and Zionist affairs from 1915 until his death in California in 1947 is now almost unknown to all except keen students of Jewish history. I shall review his career in the First World We as commander, firstly of the Zion Mule Co, in Gallipoli and secondly of the first Jewish battalion to serve in the British Army in Palestine in 1918, and I shall then turn to his Zionist activities as a close associate of Jabotinsky. I hope to throw some light on the reasons for the treatment he has received from historians.

John Henry Patterson was born in 1867 in Dublin to a Protestant family. He started professional life as a railway engineer in South Africa, and later, in about 1900, was

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