Children of Magnolia Street

My subject is the children of Magnolia Street. But a word first about its pro? genitor. Louis Golding was born in Manchester in 1895, tne son ?f a Hebrew teacher who had immigrated from Russia. He studied at Manchester Grammar School and Queen’s College, Oxford, where he read ‘Greats’ (Classics) and earned a first-class degree. His university education was interrupted by the Great War. The Officers’ Training Corps rejected him on medical grounds, so he volunteered to work overseas in the YMCA. He thus came to spend much of the war in Salonica – an experience he recorded in a memorable passage in his most celebrated work. His first novel, Forward from Babylon (1920), was written while he was still a stu? dent. ‘A story of youthful rebellion against family and tradition’, it evoked outrage in the correspondence columns of xht Jewish Chronicle, where it was discussed under the headline

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