Charles Dickens and Eliza Davis

3 Charles Dickens and Eliza Davis.

The originals of several letters from and to Charles Dickens on the subject of the novelist’s Jewish characters are fully described, and in part printed, in the Catalogue of Messrs. Maggs Brothers, of 109 Strand, London, W.C. (No. 333 Spring 1915 Catalogue, item 93. ?68.)

Some of the letters are published, and others alluded to, in The Letters of Charles Dickens (ed. 1880, vol. ii. pp. 204-5, 223, 280). But the account given of the originals in Messrs. Maggs’ Catalogue enables us to realise the story much more clearly than before. The published Letters do not reveal the name of the ” Jewish Lady,” to whom, how? ever, the editor of the Letters ascribes the novelist’s creation of the character of Riah in Our Mutual Friend.

When Dickens left Tavistock Square in 1860 his house was trans? ferred to Mr. James P. Davis. The

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