Captain Simmon Latutin, GC — hero of Mogadishu

Simmon Latutin was born on 25 July 1916 at 20 North Villas1 off Camden Square, Camden Town, London.2 His father, Moses Vlatutin, had been born in Riga3 in 1887 ana” was distantly related, family history has it, to a Russian-Jewish general of the same name who in the Second World War lifted the siege of his home town, Kiev, where he died soon after. Moses Vlatutin’s father was a regimental tailor who travelled with his family as the regiment was posted from place to place. His first wife – the mother of Moses – died, but he remarried and had a second family. At least one of Moses’ stepsisters reached Israel where relatives live to this day.

Moses himself became a master tailor at the age of sixteen and earned the right – under the anti-Semitic laws of the time – to move from village to village for work in

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