Bibliography of “I. A.” (Dr. Israel Abrahams, M.A., 1858—1925)

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German Law Books" (published in the Proceedings of the American Academy for Jewish Research, VII, 1935-36, pp. 61 fT.), where full reference to the literature will be found. Useful material on medieval usury is contained in G. Caro, Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte der Juden im Mittelalter und der Neuzeit, vol. I (special reference to conditions in England on pp. 313 ff.); W. J. Ashley, English Economic History and Theory; and R. H. Tawney's Introduction to his edition of Thomas Wilson's Discourse upon Usury.?See also I. Abrahams, Jewish Life in the Middle Ages, pp. 256-264.


Bibliography of "I. A."

(Dr. Israel Abrahams, M.A., 1858-1925.)

"Jewish Studies in Memory op Israel Abrahams," published by the Jewish Institute of Religion, New York, 1927, contains a "Select Bibliography of the Works of Israel Abrahams," compiled by Mr. Dudley Wright. The present series of bibliographical notes comprises in the main additions to Mr. Wright's list and in certain instances revisions of some of the items in his references.

1. American Jewish Historical Society.

See "Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society."

2. American Jewish Year Book.

Israel Abrahams contributed to the American Jewish Year Book 5661, 5662, 5663, and 5664 annual bibliographies entitled " Selected Hebraica and Judaica." The dates of publication of the volumes referred to are respectively 1900, 1901, 1902, and 1903.

At the annual meeting of the Jewish Publication Society of America, held on March 25, 1923, at the Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning, Philadelphia, Israel Abrahams delivered an address which was published in the American Jewish Year Book 5684 (Volume 25), 1923, pages 441-452.

3. Aspects of Judaism, being sixteen sermons by Israel Abra? hams and Claude G. Montefiore. 1895. Second edition, 1895.

4. Cambridge Hebrew Congregation. Memorial Service to the late Israel Abrahams, M.A., in the Senate-House, Cambridge, on Thursday, October 22, 1925. The Service included Addresses by H. M. J. Loewe and F. C. Burkitt, and a Reading by C. G. Montefiore.

5. Campaigns in Palestine from Alexander the Great. Edited by Stanley A. Cook. 1927. (Schweich Lectures, 1922.)

6. Essay and Speech on Jewish Disabilities, by Lord Macaulay. Edited, with an Introduction and Notes, by Israel Abrahams and S. Levy. 1909. Second Edition, 1910.

7. Expositor. Second Series, iv. (1882), pp. 111-120. The Witch of Endor.

8. Hebrew Ethical Wills, selected and edited by Israel Abrahams. Two volumes. Hebrew and English. Jewish Publication Society of America: Philadelphia, 1926.

9. Hebrew Union College Annual, Volume I, 1924, pp. 377-385. The Lost "Confession" of Samuel.

10. Hebrew Union College Jubilee Volume (1875-1925), 1925, pp. 317-331. Pico Delia Mirandola.

11. I. A., 1858-1925. By C. G. Montefiore. Transactions, xi, pp. 239-246.

12. Jewish Addresses Delivered at the Services of the Jewish Religious Union during the First Session, 1902-1903. 1904. iv. The Imitation of God. xiv. Impatience in Prayer, xx. The Work of the Jewish Religious Union.

13. Jewish Chronicle, September 14, 1883. Martin Luther and Judaism.

14. Jewish Encyclopedia, viii, pp. 657-659. Monogamy.

15. Jewish Historical Society of England.

See "Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England."

16. Judaean Addresses, Selected, III. (1918-1926), pp. 74-80.

"Leisure," an

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