Bevis Marks synagogue and the City churches

The circumstances of the building of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue in Bevis Marks – named in Hebrew Sha ’ar Hashamayim – have been recorded by many, including Haham Moses Gaster in the history he wrote to mark the building’s bicentenary in 19011 and Lionel Barnett in a volume on the early years of the congregation.2 In this tercentenial year it is fitting to recall briefly that the name of the street in which the synagogue stands, and by which it is familiarly known, is a corruption of Burie’s Marks, the name of a mansion first belonging to the Bassets, later to the Abbots of Bury St Edmunds and lastly, following the dissolution of the monasteries, to the Heneages. These associations account for the the names of Bevis Marks and of the adjacent Heneage Lane, Bury Street and Bury Court.

From the resettlement in 1656 the Spanish and Portuguese congregation

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