I. Proposed Publication of the Sources of Anglo-Jewish History from 1206 to 1290. Report by Sir L. Abrahams, Dr. I. Abrahams, and Dr. Stokes.

1. We have been asked by the Council to recommend what, apart from the preparation of Vol. III. of the Jewish Plea Rolls, should be the next large publication on the pre-Expulsion period to be undertaken by the Society. We recommend a collection of the sources for Anglo Jewish history from 1206 (the date at which Dr. Jacobs1 Jews of Angevin England ceases) to a year to be fixed as proposed in 3 (B) below. The collection would probably cover practically the first half of the thirteenth century?i.e. the latter part of the reign of John and the first half of Henry III. For this period the Jewish Plea Rolls, so far as they exist, are already available in the Society’s Calendars.

2. There are two

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