Antonio Rodrigues Robles, c. 1620-1688

At the time England went to war with Spain in 1655, Antonio Rodrigues Robles had cargoes in two ships in the Port of London, both of which were seized. He petitioned for their release on the grounds that he was not a Spani? ard but a Portuguese Jew, and that since England was not at war with Portugal he was not an enemy alien, even though he had formerly been Collector of Customs in Tenerife. His goods and papers were then released, which led Antonio Fernandes Carvajal and other crypto-Jews in London, whose cargoes were just as much at risk of seizure, to come out into the open as Jews and to seek permission from Cromwell to meet for prayers and acquire a cemetery.

We know that Robles continued to live in London and trade as a merchant, because he was endenizened in 16751 ana< his name recurs in the

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