Anglo-Judaica in the Catalogue of the British Museum Hebrew Manuscripts

Apart from substantial aids to the history of the Jews in England, to be found in the general collections of the British Museum (see Jacobs and Wolf, Bibliotheca Anglo-Judaica, London, 1888, Preface), there are some items of Anglo-Jewish interest in the Rev. G. Margoliouth’s valuable ” Catalogue of the Hebrew and Samaritan Manuscripts in the British Museum/’ of which Part III. has recently been completed. The following brief notes indicate some of the more significant of these Anglo-Judaica which attracted my attention during a study of Mr*. Margoliouth’s great work.

(1) Several manuscripts are described as the gift of Solomon da Costa. Thus No. 3 (Add. 1407) is a scroll of the Pentateuch presented on June 2, 1759. Similarly he gave No. 95 (Add. 4709), a MS. con? taining various parts of the Scripture. On the upper cover of the binding of this MS. is the owner’s name: ” Solomon

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